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It is known that the target markets of those who are end consumers of maize in any form and who benefit from the business value chain of commercial maize farming is all encompassing. Almost every household consumes maize in different forms. In essence a commercial maize farmer should be able to sell his or her produce to as many people as possible and production companies. TAABU will ensure that it positions the business to attract consumers of maize not just in Uganda alone but also other parts of East Africa the reason why it will be exporting some of its produce either in raw or processed form to those countries of East Africa.


Independent Coffee trading companies These are mainly free-lance coffee buyers who target produce on the free market without any formal arrangements with the producers. They offer a medium for quick cash transactions without many strings attached. Member based Coffee Dealers These are key players in the coffee marketing chain that in many cases include control of the backward supply stage through having collaborative action with farmers at the production stage that may include provision of inputs and pre - financing. Also they engage in transportation, processing, bulking, inter organizational trading and export marketing. These ones operate mainly in the confines of those farmer groups that are affiliated to them by registration and agreements of cooperation. These customer segments are distinct enough to be targeted differently. The choice for TAABU Integrated Cooperative Society Ltd will be to decide the category that serves its membership better and offers the opportunities that contribute best to its organizational objectives.


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