Who we are

TAABU is a registered Cooperative Society since 2013 under Registration No.10542/RCS. It is located in Buyaga Town Board, Bukhalu Sub-county, Bulambuli District.

It owns 10 acres of land in bukhalu sub county, the area is suitable for production of coffee, beans, maize and soybean. With the presence of a 3 year Strategic Plan, it is anticipated that growth will gradually match up with the ever increasing market demand. The suggested approach of management and governance of the cooperative will strengthen it through recruitment of staff and new members (RPOs) hence widening its revenue through membership fees and shares. This trend will fit in the aspect of employing well trained staff with the relevant qualifications and skills.

As noted in the market analysis, involving in multiple crop production alongside a savings portfolio for the cooperative’s groups will ensure availability of income and basing on the target markets for the various enterprises with the competitive advantage it has in the region, it will focus on majorly adding value to the produce, identifying market off takers that could eventually lead to singing of supply MoUs and being innovative in terms of a well streamlined communication channel.

Basing on the assumptions of a 5% growth annually and limited price fluctuation,   TAABU will cultivate 2 acres of maize, 2 acres of beans, 4 acres of Soybean and 2 acres of coffee. The excess demand shall be met by supplies from the RPOs.

These enterprises will be a major boost in the commercial agricultural sector because it will engage in the production of high quality produce with focus on both the local and international markets.

TAABU will rely on direct market sales of its products and develop its own sales network through linkages with market off takers such as AGRINET Uganda Ltd and Ocean Group Company Ltd.

For the first 3 years, TAABU is expected to raise total cash inflows from their sales forecast totaling to Shs1,298,514,750 which will yield a positive NPV of Shs653,428,278. It’s therefore upon this background that if TAABU implements the strategies highlighted in this Business Plan then it will be able to address the market needs and realize its business objectives through the available opportunities.

TAABU started in 2000 and was registered as a CBO at Bukhalu Sub County in 2004. In 2013 it was registered at Bulambuli District and also registered as a Cooperative under Registration No. 10542/RCS. Its membership started with 30 members of which 23 were women and 7 were men. The membership has grown over the period with over 5,000 members from the 58 Rural Producer Organizations that were formed in the different sub counties in Sironko, Bulambuli and Kapchorwa.

Initially known as TABU Integrated Women’s Group at the time of registration by a group of Women that had their problems and came together to agree on a common goal, they changed the name from TABU to TAABU meaning “Together Agree and Build Unity”

TAABU Integrated Cooperative is now located at Buyaga village, Buyaga town board, Bukhalu Sub county, Bulambuli District.

TAABU has already developed a strategic plan out of which this Business plan is being developed in order to support growth of business.

Key assumptions.


  1. The production capacity of TAABU’s farmers is to remain as anticipated, thus no major factors to affect the acreage cultivated.
  2. The current government policies that promote cooperatives shall remain favorable.
  3. The existing market linkages with off takers shall grow stronger.
  4. The existing demand for TAABU’S products shall keep growing